As a photographer, I seek inspiration from everywhere. When I was first starting out, I was seeking for that information in the wrong places. Some advice I received was not always good. I attended a local Meetup where I thought I was learning proper lighting techniques. At the end of a few classes, I realized that while the teacher was incredible smart, their methods were very outdated. There is nothing wrong with this but it didn’t fit my style nor was it the most up to date information.

So I decided to round up my favorite photography lessons that I still use to this day. Below you will find a mix of blogs, video courses and more from some of my favorite photographers. I hope you check them out as they have taught me so much in the world of photography!

Creative Live

Creative Live is so amazing for photographers! I LOVE this method of learning. The Women’s Portraiture class taught me so many techniques that I still use to this day. The class features amazing photographers such as Sue Bryce, Lara Jade, Lou Freeman and Emily Soto if I remember correctly. Sue’s portion was so good. She is a genius at posing women in the most amazing way. Lara’s part was about the fashion side of things which was super cool to see. Lighting techniques, posing tips, and wardrobe were all discussed. I was able to watch it live but I honestly suggest this class for anyone that works with women and portraiture.

A few of my other favorite class are anything from Lindsay Adler. I learned so much about all types of lighting techniques with the Studio Lighting 101 and Location Lighting 101. Lindsay’s classes are easy to follow and entertaining. I thank Lindsay for helping me read lighting. Now I can go on location and seek out the best lighting.

I also give an honorable mention to anything from Felix Kunze on the Creative Live platform. I learned a lot from him on how to get creative with your lighting. You don’t always need the top notch equipment to make incredible images. Every image I make uses some of the cheapest equipment. I’ll be writing more about the equipment I own in a bit.

Sue Bryce

I mentioned it briefly in the last point but I have learned so much from photographer Sue Bryce. Not only does this woman have an incredible eye for photography, she is also a gifted teacher in her craft. She explains things so wonderfully and to me, her voice is so soft and assuring. Like your mothers voice. weird, I know but she makes learning from her almost special.

I learned so much about posing and directing from her. I have also learned some creative ways to light my subject. My favorite is putting my subject in front of a sheer white curtain and allowing the soft white backlight wrap around them. It creates a beautiful backlit image that is soft and ethereal.

Sue has teaching everywhere. She does Facebook live videos, Creative Live, she offers her own education courses and so many others. I promise, anything you buy from Sue is amazing-especially if you work with women.

I want to say that I am incredibly pleased that I found photographer Ben Sasso. I adore his writing style and love the content that he writes about. He says what most of us photographers are thinking. My favorite article is the “My Gear and How I use it to Create Emotion.”  I am looking to add more emotion into my work because of this article.

I’d seriously check him out. His work is amazing and his blog posts are both educational and entertaining.

I have a few other photographers and resources that I use and I may write another post about them in the near future. These are the foundation to how I’ve learned my craft.

I’d like to hear some of your favorites. Comment below and as always, cheers!


Before I go I need to share with you a cute story about the session below…

Meet Alex, model for Tout Talent Agency of Charlotte. I was to meet Alex at Baxter Village in Fort Mill SC for his first modeling test. I had to drive through a monsoon to get to him. I arrived and the location was pretty dry so I thought we might be in the clear….but I was wrong. Not even 10 minutes into our session, Alex and i got stuck under a wrap around porch. Talk about a weird intimate setting with a client! The rain was coming in sheets, waving at us threatening to ruin my photo session. But Alex was super cool about it. We snapped a few photos under that porch and then braved the rain to get to my car. The rain stopped just in time for a second outfit. The result afterwards were amazing. I love these images because I doubt I’ll ever be able to recreate their spontaneity. The air was clear and crisp after the storm leaving the sunlight extra crisp and beautiful. Thank you Alex for being super flexible and awesome to work with!

Model in hoodie and black t Tout is in Charlotte NC Young man in a band called Wayfarer Charleston model Alex

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