How many of you guys are missing that warm weather? I know I am. I am not a winter person. I prefer spring and fall and lately, I love summer. I am a Cancer so I LOVE water. Thankfully the sun is being nice to us after a week of below average temps. We are currently 70 degrees. Northerners, I’m sorry. 🙂

Meet Jessi. This is one of my favorite sessions from 2016. It is part Anthropologie, part Free People, and all bohemian. Jessi was an absolute dream to work with. She came prepared with the best outfits and that hair! Girl PLEASE give me your hair secrets.

This was also shot in one of my new favorite locations. The UNCC botanical gardens was the perfect backdrop for this. All season I wanted a greenhouse and to use fan leaves. We even stumbled upon the Orchid room in the greenhouse and I nearly died of happiness. I brought that romper with me and was finally able to shoot it.

God, I love this session….

So what did I bring to this photoshoot?

What do I bring to a shoot?

The camera (of course!)

Currently, I shoot with a Canon 7d and a 50 mm lens. I have shot with this set up for a long time.Believe it or not, most of this portfolio is shot with this simple set up. One day I will upgrade but I am adamant on learning every inch of my current camera. I like to push the camera to its limits all the time. Lara Jade did a fantastic challenge about cheap cameras. Her article is very eye opening on good gear versus talent. You can create whatever you want if you know your tech skills and have the artistic eye.

Reflection or flash

After quite a bit of studying on lighting, I have found that reflection is key to a great image. So I make sure that I have some sort of reflection. I purposely wear white so I can act like a natural reflector. Sometimes I bring reflectors on set. However, I don’t fuss with flash when I am on location. I don’t like my location sessions to be too fussy. Eventually, I will use flash more often. I hear speed lights can transform your work tremendously. This year I will be playing around with flash photography more so stay tuned.

Outfits and accessories

Outfits that I have accrued. I am a hippy at heart so most of my work has some kind of bohemian flair. When I find a client that wants a bohemian styled session, I immediately head to my collection of shirts and accessories.

Hairbrush and bobby pins

I am no hairdresser but there are several times the wind takes over on location. A hair brush seriously saves on editing time. And of course, bobby pins because you never know when you want to change the look up.

Some nice to haves

I keep a basic makeup kit with me. I carry a nude lip, a peachy lip, a red lip, matting powder, eyebrow creme and a few others. Sometimes the model isn’t carrying what she needs on set. I also carry shimmering lotion for bathing suits as well as coconut oil for fitness sessions.

I hope that this kind of opens your eyes to on location shooting. It isn’t that complicated and is honestly my favorite way to shoot. I have many more outfits and “props” if anyone wants to head out and shoot. 🙂

Cheers lovelies!

untitled-121-edit Model-soaking-up-sun Modeling-in-UNCC-Botanical-Garden Pink orchid in the orchid room at UNCC Botanical Gardens Boho pictures taken at UNCC untitled-143
UNCC-Orchid-Room Charlotte-Model-wearing-floral-romper
White orchids at UNCC Botanical Gardens Drections Model Jessi poses for Poetic Edge

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