My apologies to my regular readers for being MIA lately. It’s not that I haven’t had work, I actually have lots of pretty pictures to show you. I just took a break to find myself. You see, this business thing has gotten the best of me. I let dollar signs and lack of interest dictate my love and passion for my photography. I had to sit back an evaluate what it is that I want to do with Poetic Edge.

As photographers, we tend to shoot everything just to bring money in. We shoot until our fingers bleed and then we edit. And we edit some more in hopes that you will like our art. We measure our success on how many likes we have on social media. We churn out these products that are not our true art.

I was going with the flow and literally shooting everything that came across my email. At first, I was just excited that anyone would let me photograph them. Then the issues started arising. I won’t go into detail but some of the issues made me want to quit. Then I took a bit of time just shooting what really interests me. I found the areas that interest me but now I find that I am not in the correct market for those things. My ultimate goal is to one day create lookbooks and marketing material for companies such as Under Armour and Anthropologie. I may have stated this already in another blog post but it is truly what I want to do. In fact, I am pretty passionate about it. But now I am starting to wig out a bit because I have no idea how to do this. Thus the reason for my latest break.

You may see a shift in my work in the next few months. I am creating some personal projects so I can stand out. Lately, I have been in a learning mode where I find a lighting scenario or pose and I copy it. Nothing wrong with that but my work was becoming someone else’s and not my own. I was growing in skill but not in inspiration. I am not saying that you shouldn’t emulate those you admire. I have learned some amazing things from photographers like Lindsey Adler and Sue Bryce. Their knowledge is invaluable to my overall body of work but now I need to use that knowledge and play with it to make my own art. I don’t want Sue Bryce’s success, I want my own. (Sue Bryce, I adore you and thank you for sharing your heart and soul. I will follow your work forever!)

I will continue to grow in skill and inspiration and I hope that you will stay with me on this journey. You may see some things that are always tasteful but a little risqué. Or you may see some more fun stuff. I am unsure which direction I am going to take. Hopefully, this will help me find my way to photographing for the commercial world someday.

Below is Charlotte model Elisabeth. She wanted something a little more grown up for her modeling portfolio. This is the first time I did anything like this and I am super pleased with the results.

Get ready for the ride. Next up? A magazine submission piece. I will be going behind the scenes on the process. Should be interesting. 🙂

Red haired model with blue eyes Model Elisabeth poses for fashion portrait

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