Just when I think I am up to date on my blogging, I get 2 weeks behind! I need to get a better schedule!

Welcome back! If you have spent anytime on my Facebook page, you may have seen this beauty’s photos before. Meet Holly. She is a recent graduate of Lake Norman Charter High School and is attending Arizona State University in the fall. I met Holly after my fashion show with Charlotte CFG Style week. I loved her look and had to work with her. She was honestly the first professional I had worked with. She has a great work ethic and is super creative. You may see her again on this blog so if you like her, stay tuned.

Are there any photographers out there that are struggling with finding fresh faces for your portfolios? I was in that same boat last year. I decided to look to Facebook for some help. I checked out my local fashion and modeling groups on Facebook. There, I found several models who were willing to work with me on projects that I had wanted to do. Now I realize that some places don’t have these groups so stick with your Model Mayhem pages or ask around. Sometimes senior girls are more than willing to lending their pretty faces to your portfolio. But please be professional. No one wants a creep stalking them on Facebook. If you message these people, please include what you are doing. Information like who you are, the type of shoot you want to do, and maybe a reference photo will help them see your vision. Also try to keep in mind that this is a collaboration. Be open-minded to new ideas that the model is suggesting. Sometimes you will get a model who has only done edgy style shoots. Be mindful of that when you are messaging her. I know you are thinking, “but this is MY shoot. Why should I care?” Trust me. These girls would not have worked with me if I did the same thing that everyone else is doing. They want fresh and new ideas. They will move hell and high water to get into your studio if you share a unique concept that they haven’t done yet.  I could not be more thankful for the girls that I have been able to work with. I love every girl that I have worked with this year.

So what’s next for me? Well, I just shot the gorgeous Elizabeth Safrit and am editing her session as we speak. I also have a boho shoot and dancer shoot coming up. I am starting to get into more artistic photo shoots so stay tuned. I am hoping to start creating some gorgeous art soon.

High school girl from Lake Norman wears pearls A twist on the Classic Audrey Hepburn look. Senior session out at Lake Norman A Vogue inspired senior portrait Black bathing suit by the pool Senior headshot with a white headband Blue jean cutoffs and white boho top 2014 senior grad from Lake Norman NC

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