Jenn and Justin’s Engagement at Amelie’s French Bakery

I just had the cutest engagement session with one of the cutest couples I’ve ever met. We started off the session at Amelie’s French Bakery in the NoDa area of Charlotte NC. This is possibly one of the cutest places I’ve ever been. I normally spend many hours down in the NoDa area but not once have I ever been to this place. While I was there, I tried this amazing Petit Gateaux. It was seriously the best treat I have ever eaten. I am so going back soon to try some macaroons. I hear those are pretty amazing as well.

This session was super fun because it is so close to Valentine’s day. I pulled out all the stops with cheesy hearts, love signs, and plenty of kissy photos! Props can be useful and fun.Read More

SOF WODs repelling | Crowders Mountain

This post is super late, not because I was busy but because I have been super lazy. 🙁 Not a great trait to be fostering right now.

Back in September, I followed a group of young men for an entire day only to see them get tortured and “beaten.” My gym has a program called SOF WODs that is geared towards candidates who either want to go into special operations or they just want to conquer a huge fitness mountain. One part of the program immerses individuals into 18 hours of Special Operations style missions and Field Training Exercises. These workouts are usually reserved for the highest military individuals. I do not want to miss lead anyone by giving out wrong information so please visit their website: SOF WODs

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Christmas Abbott Trains for NASCAR pit crew

This week’s post is about the lovely Christmas Abbott: CrossFit athlete, NASCAR pit crew trainee, and an all around bad ass chick!

I met with her last week to shoot her pit crew training with Michael Waltrip Racing in Huntersville, NC. Abbott is positioning herself to be one of the first women in the pit crew. This was no small feat for Abbott but she was determined to get it done.

Pit Crews have to be steady, strong, and of course fast. Abbott’s CrossFit training gave her many of the necessary skills that she needed to throw around those 65lb tires and kick those lug nuts in the ass. During her practice, I constantly heard her coach saying, “abs tight, elbows high!” Being a CrossFit junkie myself, I was no stranger that mantra. In the gym, we hear elbows high and abs tight all the time.

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Couples portrait in NoDa with the Lyons

Today I met with one of my favorite couples for a lovely couples portrait. I know David and Rachael from a school we attended out in Concord. We all went to Haiti together back in 2005.

Both have an amazing sense of humor and are genuinely caring individuals. These two are seriously some of my favorite people in the world.  I was so happy to be able to take their pictures again. They have a love that I have only seen in a few couples.  Some of my best inspiration comes from them! I hope to shoot them more in the future but for now, they are missionaries in Peru. I have to wait now until they return. 🙂

I wish this couple much love and success in their future. Read More

Lindsey Smith Visits CrossFit Weddington

Over this past weekend I watched the Crossfit Games for the Central East Region and am excited about the games in July. I wish I could be there to experience the energy that Crossfit is but I can say that I had the privileged of meeting Lindsey Smith, #2 on the women’s leader board. This girl rocked the regionals and I will cheer her on as she kills the games! Go Lindsey!Read More