I Can’t Shoot Without this One Item.

I imagine that upon reading the title, you are expecting me to say something like my nifty 50 lens or my new flash head. While those are most definitely must haves, they are not my most important piece of equipment in my kit. Do you want to know what it is? Of course you do or else you wouldn’t still be reading this!

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What to Expect in Your Senior Session

Say hello to my most recent 2015 senior Adaire S. for Cornelius, NC. Adaire and I planned her senior session for several months. We originally wanted to shoot in the peach blossoms of South Carolina but due to changes, we were not able to. Instead I photographed her in the SouthEnd neighborhood of Charlotte for something fun and urban. Her session was a lot of fun and I got to use a new location that is top-secret! It seriously has the best views of the Charlotte skyline. Thank you random dude for letting us come up to that spot. We greatly appreciate it!

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Journey to Getting Published Part 1-Behind the Scenes

Welcome to part one of three in my series I like to call my Journey to Getting Published.

As an aspiring commercial and fashion photographer, I have read that it is important to get your photos published in reputable magazines. Being published is a rewarding moment for any photographer. I was published once upon a time but the magazine went under before I got to see the print. Now I am trying again. 🙂

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