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Senior 2015 Brand Reps wanted!

Meet Sarah, senior at Shining Baptist School in Monroe NC. I had such a blast photographing her in the cold October air. We really wanted some fall colors for her session so we headed to my special field that I have used for almost all of my clients. This field never gets old to me!

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Modeling session with Annaliese | Dilworth area Charlotte NC

Hey all! This season has been quite busy with my favorite subjects and I am enjoying it. I love my seniors and models! In fact, I am getting spoiled. I think this is the type of photography that I want to stick with. That means no weddings, no events, no children, just seniors and models. I haven’t committed to that yet but I feel the change coming. Big changes coming to Poetic Edge and I am excited about the brand that I am building.

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3 Photography Resources That Inspired Me

As a photographer, I seek inspiration from everywhere. When I was first starting out, I was seeking for that information in the wrong places. Some advice I received was not always good. I attended a local Meetup where I thought I was learning proper lighting techniques. At the end of a few classes, I realized that while the teacher was incredible smart, their methods were very outdated. There is nothing wrong with this but it didn’t fit my style nor was it the most up to date information.

So I decided to round up my favorite photography lessons that I still use to this day. Below you will find a mix of blogs, video courses and more from some of my favorite photographers. I hope you check them out as they have taught me so much in the world of photography!

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Cute Senior Photoshoot in Ballantyne

Sunday was the perfect day for senior photos in Ballantyne, NC. There was something about the air. It has a crisp fall breeze but the remnants of the summer sun was lingering so beautifully for Miranda’s senior photos. The only thing missing was the color in the trees. I guess I’ll need to wait a few weeks for that. 🙂

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Barn Senior Session in Matthews NC

My schedule has been so packed with high school seniors! Tonight I plan to blog back to back sessions because I want and need to share my work with you. Why? Because I love it and you that much! 🙂

Meet Addi, senior rep for Porter Ridge High School. We met on a beautiful fall evening at a horse stable. Now I am bad with names so Addi please forgive me but I forgot the horse’s name. I am lame….BUT the horse was so beautiful. Random fact about myself: I have never been up close to a horse. Ever. And I am from Texas. Saw what?! It’s the truth. Never. I was in awe of this horse. He was HUGE!

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