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Why Every Photographer Needs a Contract

I have waited over a year to edit this particular blog post because I needed to know exactly what to say about contracts.Every photographer has heard of them. If you haven’t, you’ve lived under a rock.

A while back I was contacted by the team over at Christmas Abbott’s camp to photograph her for a magazine. Being a pretty new photographer, I jumped at the opportunity because Abbott was one of my favorite athletes and I had worked with her before. It was pretty rushed so I didn’t get all the proper details and most importantly, a contract signed.Read More

The Best Senior Rep Program in the Charlotte NC area

Good morning lovelies!

Life has been pretty busy for me these past few weeks. I have more photos to edit than I ever had before! It’s a good problem, trust me but the mountain of unedited photos is growing. I have gotten to photograph some of the coolest people over the last few weeks. I am also having serious ADD over which photos I want to edit first. I am trying to go in order but I get so tempted to look over other sessions. This is such a bad habit for me. And now I have so many blogs to write…where do I start?Read More