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Top Makeup Artist in Charlotte NC

With spring comes weddings, prom, senior pictures, and many nights out on the town. Most of us have our outfits planned out but what about hair and makeup? If you are like me, there are times that a YouTube video just isn’t going to work.

I have worked with some amazing makeup artist over the last year and a half. These are a few of my favorite makeup and hair artists that I highly suggest.Read More

In Studio Contemporary Portraits in Charlotte NC

My dream is to one day shoot for the magazines. Sadly, I am unsure if this will be a reality for me because I live in the south. The south isn’t known for their fashion industry or their photographers. *Disclaimer-I am unaware of any of these photographers. If they exist, I’d love to meet them and pick their brains! The thought of photographing a creative shoot for a major client like Urban Outfitters or Tom Ford makes me squeal with joy! I don’t even really care about being in the major magazines. Honestly I’d be happy to be the main photographer for the lookbooks of Ford and Outfitters.

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Pageant Portraits with Elizabeth Safrit and Poetic Edge

Sooooooo I’m a bit late on posting these. We can thank procrastination and busyness for this. Busyness is great but procrastination will be the death of me.

This blog post is solely dedicated to the gorgeous Elizabeth Safrit, current Miss United States for the Miss United States organization. I first photographed this beauty at Charlotte Fashion Guild Week. She was walking for Ghelardini in a cute strapless dress.Read More

CFG Style Fashion Show at Label House

I check one thing off of my bucket list. I finally attended a fashion show. Was it a cool New York one? No BUT it was a fashion show so it counts! A few weeks ago I photographed the CFG Style week fashion show. I wanted to have this blog up last week but that totally didn’t work. My family from Mississippi came to visit us and I wanted to spend every lovely minute with them.

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