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Men’s Modern Portrait in Charlotte, NC

I had the privilege of photographing a very handsome young man this past Saturday. Meet Austin. He is a model with Tout Modeling Agency here in Charlotte as well as a personal trainer. This was my first official session with a man as my subject. I was incredibly nervous! I have shot girls for quiet sometime and simply drew a blank once he walked in. But oddly I was ok with that. This session made me think on my toes. I moved around much more in this session and was able to capture some pretty bad ass images. I am super proud of these. That black and white contemporary portrait in the third row is simply my favorite. I want to print that image in the largest size it will go and show the world. That lighting was to DIE for!

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Why Every Photographer Needs a Contract

I have waited over a year to edit this particular blog post because I needed to know exactly what to say about contracts.Every photographer has heard of them. If you haven’t, you’ve lived under a rock.

A while back I was contacted by the team over at Christmas Abbott’s camp to photograph her for a magazine. Being a pretty new photographer, I jumped at the opportunity because Abbott was one of my favorite athletes and I had worked with her before. It was pretty rushed so I didn’t get all the proper details and most importantly, a contract signed.Read More

Athletic portraits with Lindsey Torgerson and Under Armour

It’s not every day that you get to meet an athlete who is so close to their olympic goal, they can taste it. Lindsey Torgerson is just that woman. Torgerson competes with Team USA in the Duathlon event, a sport that involves endurance running and cycling. She has only been competing for a little over 3 years and yet she has earned a silver medal in 2012 and bronze in 2013.  She is ranked number 6th in the nation for this event. In June, she will be heading to Pontevedra, Spain where she will compete for gold in the ITU Olympic distance World Championship.Read More

Yoga Session with Diana Miller | Davidson, NC

Fitness: A state of being fit. What does this mean to you? For me, it means getting off of my couch and moving around so that I can have a better life with my son. It means putting down the ice cream and getting myself in the gym more often. It means facing that demon I call running head on. Am I fit? Sadly….no. I not only fell off of the bandwagon, I rolled off of the back, hit the pavement and kept rolling into a ditch. In this ditch I am enjoying fattening ice cream, terribly gluten filled products and highly saturated McDonald’s. Yes, I said it. See that bad word? McDonald’s.

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