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Product Photography session with Headbands of Hope

Giving isn’t just for the holidays. For those who know me, I am a giver. It is the core of my being. At one time in my life, I attended a bible school so I could travel to places such as Haiti and Africa to do humanitarian aid. I spent a good part of my 20s traveling to the mountains of Virginia to help the less fortunate, Atlanta to clothe the youth, and volunteered after school feeding the homeless in Charlotte. I even made it to Haiti where I shed a good portion of my personal belongings right there in an orphanage. Every fiber of my being hates to see people suffering.

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Victoria Vesce in Pixton Original | Charlotte NC

Victoria asked me about a week ago if I wanted to shoot her custom-made Pixton dress and of course I jumped at the opportunity to work with her again. Victoria is super sweet and is just as creative as I am. This was my very first session using studio lights. I cannot believe how awesome they turned out. I thank Victoria for trusting me on testing some lighting techniques on her. I feel that I need some work still but over all I am pretty impressed. I am also impressed that I have blogged 2 days in a row. I have a lot of blogging to do so you may see a lot of posts coming up.

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Pageant Portraits with Elizabeth Safrit and Poetic Edge

Sooooooo I’m a bit late on posting these. We can thank procrastination and busyness for this. Busyness is great but procrastination will be the death of me.

This blog post is solely dedicated to the gorgeous Elizabeth Safrit, current Miss United States for the Miss United States organization. I first photographed this beauty at Charlotte Fashion Guild Week. She was walking for Ghelardini in a cute strapless dress.Read More