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Modeling session with Annaliese | Dilworth area Charlotte NC

Hey all! This season has been quite busy with my favorite subjects and I am enjoying it. I love my seniors and models! In fact, I am getting spoiled. I think this is the type of photography that I want to stick with. That means no weddings, no events, no children, just seniors and models. I haven’t committed to that yet but I feel the change coming. Big changes coming to Poetic Edge and I am excited about the brand that I am building.

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Victoria Vesce in Pixton Original | Charlotte NC

Victoria asked me about a week ago if I wanted to shoot her custom-made Pixton dress and of course I jumped at the opportunity to work with her again. Victoria is super sweet and is just as creative as I am. This was my very first session using studio lights. I cannot believe how awesome they turned out. I thank Victoria for trusting me on testing some lighting techniques on her. I feel that I need some work still but over all I am pretty impressed. I am also impressed that I have blogged 2 days in a row. I have a lot of blogging to do so you may see a lot of posts coming up.

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Location Scouting in an Over-Saturated Market

Prime locations are a hot commodity in the photographer world. They are even hotter when you live in an area where the market is over saturated and the locations are sometimes less than desired.

I have had several shoots where I will be shooting in my favorite location only to find a group of new portrait enthusiasts slowly taking over my spot. Now, I am not stingy about my locations. Instead, I share them freely because what you do with a location looks completely different from how I would use it. I also share my locations to give you better options to fit your session better. If we share our locations, maybe we won’t be standing on top of each other at the next photo shoot we plan.

So that brings me to this posts topic: Location scouting in an over saturated market.

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