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Why I Love to Shoot in Harsh Noon Light

Hello lovelies!

I am finally able to blog about one of the cutest sessions I did over the summer!  Meet Mckenzie. I met McKenzie on an extremely hot July day in a cute soda shop in Charlotte. Her goal: to have the happiest session ever. Goal accomplished!

We ran around with a watermelon, sunflowers, and skateboards. I also discovered one a new favorite portrait location. The Gelato place in the middle of the shopping center is gorgeously white and has the coolest little spots to shoot in. The owner is super friendly and has amazing gelato. I tried the lemon ricotta. I highly recommend!Read More

What’s in a photographers kit?

I have photographed for over 8 years. My first camera was a Canon Powershot and I took that thing everywhere. Eventually I save enough money to purchase a Rebel XTi and my passion for photography grew. Now I have a Canon 7d with the hopes of one day owning a full frame camera with tack sharp focus. But for now, my 7D has taught me a lot. Lately I have leaned on that camera, a 50 mm lens (1.4), and natural light. The first photo in this session was made with that basic set up.

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Model Test with Camie | NoDa Charlotte NC

The months of November and December are my time for learning and personal projects. This session is one of those sessions. I am so thankful for Camie and her patience. I am embarking on the whole lighting thing and I asked Camie if she should sit in for me. She was ready to go but I sadly was not. I had the lighting set up and realized that I was missing triggers. I frantically searched my bag for them with no sign of them. After wasting about 25 minutes, I decided to open the curtains and do what I normally do. Camie’s session is better than I originally planned. I am sad that I didn’t get to play with strobes but I do love her session.

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Modeling session with Annaliese | Dilworth area Charlotte NC

Hey all! This season has been quite busy with my favorite subjects and I am enjoying it. I love my seniors and models! In fact, I am getting spoiled. I think this is the type of photography that I want to stick with. That means no weddings, no events, no children, just seniors and models. I haven’t committed to that yet but I feel the change coming. Big changes coming to Poetic Edge and I am excited about the brand that I am building.

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