This week’s post is about the lovely Christmas Abbott: CrossFit athlete, NASCAR pit crew trainee, and an all around bad ass chick!

I met with her last week to shoot her pit crew training with Michael Waltrip Racing in Huntersville, NC. Abbott is positioning herself to be one of the first women in the pit crew. This was no small feat for Abbott but she was determined to get it done.

Pit Crews have to be steady, strong, and of course fast. Abbott’s CrossFit training gave her many of the necessary skills that she needed to throw around those 65lb tires and kick those lug nuts in the ass. During her practice, I constantly heard her coach saying, “abs tight, elbows high!” Being a CrossFit junkie myself, I was no stranger that mantra. In the gym, we hear elbows high and abs tight all the time.

Abbott spent 90 minutes running around a car and slamming that air gun into those lug nuts. Practice makes perfect and by the end of practice, she looked like a pro.

She is truly an inspiration to many people but mostly young women. Here’s to Christmas and I hope that she becomes the first woman working full time on the pit crew.

To see more of Christmas Abbott, read here.

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