Photographers of the Carolinas: mark your calendars for an awesome location. At the first of July, the Draper Wildlife Reserve has a plethora of sunflowers in full bloom. Last year I neatly missed them but this year I was on top of it! You see, I am not stingy about my locations. I love sharing mine because I love seeing what others will do with them.

Since I found out about this amazing location, I have wanted to do a very boho/Coachella inspired session. See, I am secretly boho but I don’t dress like it. Why? Because I lack style. I also fear that I will look dumb…Is it ok for a 30-year-old to wear a Kimono? I really want one but I haven’t purchased one because I don’t want to be that woman who is trying too hard. You know that woman. You see her everywhere: hot pink thong, crop top and too many wrinkles to count.  Especially Wal-mart. You definitely see her at Wal-Mart. I don’t want to look like that. Any advice my fashionistas? I am a sponge. Give me your styling tips.

Speaking of 30, tomorrow, July 11th, is my 30th birthday. I officially feel old. Guess what I am doing for my birthday? I am going to Carowinds, our local amusement park. Why there? Well, I don’t have many friends and I don’t drink for fun (hangovers…ew) so I decided to bring in 30 with some fun. Since having my son, I have robbed myself of fun when it comes to going to the amusement park. You can’t take a 3-year-old on a roller coaster. Not one that you actually enjoy. I enjoy being thrusted 50+ mph into loops, turns and everything else crazy that roller coasters provide. So for my 30th birthday, I am going to act like a kid for a night. If the storms stay away, I will be riding the Night Hawk and Afterburn all night long.

Now I leave you with this gorgeous young woman. Miss McKaylee has such beautiful features. The camera loves her and so do I.

boho sessions-087-Edit Charlotte Senior portrait in sunflowers Sunflowers in the Draper Wildlife Management Area Senior session in SC sunflower field Dreamy portrait with girl on blanket model with finger in her hair Fields of Draper Wildlife Reserve Boho portrait with girl walking through grass Portrait session with the sunflowers of South Carolina

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