It’s vacation time! Sand in your toes, fun water parks, a historic town, or a cute mountain town are all great destinations for your vacation. What is your ideal¬†vacation?

My all time favorite vacation was when I was younger. I went on a week-long trip to Matamoras Mexico. My trip to Mexico was a test for me as it was a missions trip. I had a desire to help people and my goal was to end up in Haiti one day. I needed a small “international” trip to expose me to a culture other than my own. I flew down to Galveston, TX to meet someone I never met before. I was dumb when I was younger. ūüôĀ When I landed, no one was there to great me. Turns out the team in Mexico wasn’t expecting me until the next week. After a 2 hour wait, a very nice girl came and drove me across the border. Once I got into Mexico, I felt lost and alive at the same time. Mexico is not as clean as the States. That was the first culture shock. The second was the language barrier. I stayed for a week and assisted in a hospital, a children’s home, a church and a few other places. My best memory in Mexico was actually the day that we went to the market. I was surround by all things spanish and I LOVED it. I was so fascinated by how their markets worked and what they carried. That trip was an over in a whirlwind but I sparked in me a desire to travel. ¬†I did eventually go to Haiti on a real missions trip. One day I should go through my old photos and write¬†a blog post about that.¬†Sadly I have only been to small places around North Carolina but one day I will renew my passport and I will jet off into the sunset with my husband! ¬† With all of that said, this chick is packing up and signing off. I am heading to the beach for the¬†week but I want to leave you with a senior session I shot last month. I rolled out a new program for high school seniors in the Charlotte area. I blogged about the Senior Rep program here.

Meet the first Senior representative of 2015: Ashley. Ashley is a senior at First Christian Assembly in Concord. She is a UCA competition cheerleader as well as a cheerleader for her school.

I still have a few spots available for senior reps for the 2015 school season but they are filling up fast. The reps can be either girl or guy and only 2 students per school. Email me to find out how you can earn money as a Senior rep for Poetic Edge. Senior girl is wearing her blue jean shorts and boots Charlotte Senior Portrait Senior portraits in tall wheat grass Senior 2015 in Concord NC Competition cheerleader for the Charlotte region

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