I was running behind on this shoot and was stressing out because I had to leave to pick up my son from the sitter. Janny nudged just a bit to let her do a creative makeup look. I am so glad she did because these images are by far my favorites. I never thought I’d like doing beauty and editorial style images. I saw what Janny was creating and was inspired. I couldn’t wait to start shooting. If I wasn’t short on time, these would have been 100 times better. My model, Summer, look amazing. I was so giddy shooting this that I honestly messed up half of the images due to camera shake. Note: use a tripod!

Janny with Pride Makeup created this look with some inspiration help of Pinterest. She also provided the cool choker that just brought the look together. Much gratitude to her for her creative eye. I will be using her more in the future. Photographers, you NEED this woman on your team if you hope to have unique images in your portfolios.

So thanks to Janny, I have found a new way for myself to make art. I will be shooting more of these very soon. Janny, you game? 🙂

Models, I am taking ideas and concepts at this time so email  Megan@poeticedge.com or Facebook me. Let’s get some creative images into your portfolios. I am always looking for a fresh, new face.

Model Summer wears a black necklace and gold glitter Model with Gold glitter smokey eye Avant Garde Gold Glitter Makeup High Fashion pose for Beauty shot

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