I have been slow with bookings in the past few weeks but I have been shooting up a storm. 2013 is a year of education for me and my business. I am learning more about my camera and more about how to truly shoot like an artist.

Lately Zane and I have joined Meet Up so we can have play dates. I have totally been that annoying mom with her camera in everyone’s face! I have to though. 🙂 Zane has had some great opportunities in the last week and a half and I have tons of photos to prove it!

Through Meet up Zane and I have discovered this great place called Small Hands Big Art. It’s this super cute art studio geared towards children. My little man LOVES this class so much and we were lucky enough to attend not one, but two classes!

The classes hold about 8 children. The teachers pre-plan a few crafts for the kids to do. Small Hand Big Art separates their classes by ages. The toddler crafts were all very hands on and geared towards learning things like motor control. If you are ever in the Charlotte area, you MUST check this place out.

I’ll have an Easter post too but I have no idea if it’ll make it up here. I have a bad habit of taking the photos but not posting. I have Halloween and Christmas photos from last year that I haven’t even looked at. I feel like a bad mom. :/ I will TRY to make more of an effort to get those up. 🙂

Toddler art Charlotte NC Teacher helps child so art paint brushes Toddler wall art Little scullture chalk pastels

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