On this gloomy day I am trying to create a portfolio. This is a stressful task for me. Why? Because I am beyond critical of my work. I know where I want to be but I am not there yet. As always, practice makes perfect. Do you ever feel that way? Self critical?

I am beyond happy with where Poetic Edge is going. I have many plans for the future! My latest plan has Poetic Edge in a temporary home! I haven’t signed a lease yet but I finally found the perfect location for my business. I am sharing a studio with another photographer in the NoDa area. I will make a greater announcement as soon as I sign the lease. This is seriously a dream come true. I never thought I would have the clientele¬†to support me in this. I always saw my photography as a hobby until recently. Can I really get that dream job I have wanted for a while? I hope so. I have had several downs with opening my business. Things have looked up for a bit and I hope it doesn’t stop.

I am busy planning 3 shoots this week and I am crazy excited for them. I want to try some new ideas that may throw some of my fans off. There will be some edgier and sexier looks coming up. My goal as a photographer is to do editorial work and I must take those steps to become editorial. Don’t worry, I will be tasteful. After all, I am the Queen of Prudes.

Below is a new model that I met through a local Makeup artist, Alexis Johnson. Johnson is also a talent scout and would like to make that her full-time job. She scouted out this beauty. This is Cassidy and this shoot was her first photo session. I’d say she did really good. I loved her look immediately. I wish Cassidy luck in her career. I think she will have a fabulous one!

New model in Charlotte NC Headshot with little makeup First time model wears denim top Teen girl in red boho top

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