Last week I wrote about why makeup is important for a photo session. This week I am chatting about wardrobe! Who doesn’t love to talk about clothes?!

Wardrobe is my favorite part of a photoshoot. There are a few reasons why I love wardrobe in a photoshoot. First, it shows me who you are as a person. I get to see your vibe. Maybe you’re extremely girly, maybe you’re bohemian, or maybe you’re a hodge podge of all things great in the fashion world.

Second, a good wardrobe makes any set I have come alive. Take the session below. Madison showed up with the cutest pink suede skirt and cozy gray knit sweater. We were shooting in uptown Charlotte and I knew exactly where to take her. There is this building that has the most amazing natural light. The model, clothing, and backdrop came together for a fantastic photo session.

Third, I love the confidence a great fitting outfit brings to your session. I get the best smiles from a woman or man that feels confident in who they are. Why do bloggers images look so amazing? Because they feel confident!

So where do you find clothing for your session? That’s easy!

  1. Think like a fashion blogger. Some of my favorite bloggers are McKenna Bleu, Megan Runion, and Dressed up Buttercup because they have a variety of affordable looks that are stylish and photograph well.
  2. Shop in your own closet. It’s cheapest and as I’ve stated before, it shows your personality! See the above comment about the bloggers. They are a lot of help!
  3. Go shopping but keep the tags on. This one is usually frowned upon. Places like Forever21 have great fast fashion items for cheap but they have a horrible return policy. If you do the purchase and return, make sure you are discrete.  And if you can’t return it, you can always sell it on Poshmark! Better yet, buy things that you’d actually wear again.
  4. Go to online sites like Rent the Runway. I’ve rented dresses from here before and was incredibly impressed with the quick turnaround and the quality of outfits.
  5. Find a stylist. We live in the South so sometimes stylists are a bit hard to come by. They are like unicorns around here. I have yet to work with one but it is on my agenda. I have several photoshoot ideas that need a stylist’s touch.
  6. Ask if the photographer may have something. Not all will but I actually do. I keep some options at all times for moments when a client forgets their things.

On a quick side note:

Please don’t go to your shoot without clothing options. Even if you are just shooting one look, still bring a couple of options. Once I had a photoshoot where the model didn’t show up with wardrobe. I had to make it work but the vision didn’t come through. Her confidence waned and in the end, she hated her photos.

And shoes! Don’t forget the shoes! Models need to have a good pair of heels and clients need to have the right shoes for the right outfit. Nothing sucks more than feeling all super cute until you get to the shoes. I’ve walked out of the house with the wrong shoes before and it messes with my whole vibe.

Thanks for taking the time to check this post out! Stick around or share some thoughts! I’d love to hear about your ideas as well!


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