Do you ever feel old? I never thought that phenomenon would happen to me but as I approach my 30th birthday, I feel….old. Facebook keeps reminding me of this fact with their constant memes of Doug and RugRats and articles on Britney Spears and Gigapets. Now kids are wearing day glow shirts and cutoff jeans with Doc Martins. Those Doc Martins are taking me back to my high school years. When I was in high school, Doc Martins were a sign of wealth thus making them extremely coveted. I remember wanting some so badly that I would sell my right arm for some. I think back in the day they were like $100. Now I think they are about $130. Don’t quote me on that. This is an assumption, not fact. Now I can afford these shoes but sadly, I don’t care anymore. Isn’t it funny how fads work? I actually don’t think the shoes are that cool anymore. Unless they are on an impossibly awesome teen named Nicole.

Meet Nicole, second senior rep of 2015 school year. She attends William Amos Hough High School in Cornelius. She has the coolest attitude and the freshest style I’ve seen in a while. And lets not forget her legs that go on for days! You will be seeing her beautiful face again. I have an amazing creative concept for her that I am currently planning.

All of this talk of Doc Martins brings me to my advice corner. Seniors, your sessions are uniquely yours. Make sure you collaborate with your photographer. Bring several options of clothing to the session or have them come look at your closet. It sounds weird but that is how we know who you are and what you are wanting to show in your photos. Are you edgy? Let your photographer know that. Chances are, your photographer has the perfect location for you and that awesome outfit. Also, don’t forget things like class rings and important items like team uniforms or letter jackets.

My summer is quickly filling up so if you are interested in being a Senior Rep for Poetic Edge, read here for details or email me at

Stay beautiful and go enjoy that summer sun!

Senior girl with cut off jean shorts and Vans Senior girl wearing cut off jeans hold chalkboard sign Senior girl wearing her pink senior ring Senior sessions-906-Edit Senior girl wearing Doc Martin boots and stripped overalls Teen girl models cute sundress for her senior portraits.

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