I am the queen of hiatuses lately. Blogging is important to me but life is being rude at the moment. My mother is ill but that will be discussed in a later post. If I get into it now, I will undoubtedly turn this fun post in to either a snore fest or a crying out poor.

So now I will just focus on this adorable family. Meet the Fanis family. I had much fun shooting them. They were so easy-going and full of ideas. When mother Fanis told me she wanted a colorful shoot, I knew just where to take them.

For those of you who are not familiar with the hip spots in Charlotte, let me fill you in on this little gem. It is a goldmine for creatives and hipsters alike. Its colorful in both its walls and its popularity. There are now some cute boutiques down there and the restaurants are some of my favorite in Charlotte. You NEED to check out Cabo Fish Taco. That place is super amazing.

The shoot turned out better than I imagined. The kids were cute and full of personality and mom and dad were just cool. Hope you enjoy!

NoDa Charlotte NC YMCA in NoDA Charlotte NC Mini session Charlotte 2013 Best Dressed kid

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