As a photographer, I am always looking for ways to make my next photoshoot unique and special. The Charlotte market is a little oversaturated so I need to step up my game and stand out. So how do I do that?

I research until my face fall off. This goes beyond Google. Below are the 3 main sources of inspiration for every photoshoot.


Pinterest is my jam! God I love that little board of genius! The folks that created that website literally went into my head and made a digital copy of exactly what I had on my own wall. I have made little inspiration boards since I was a teen. Back then, it was mainly filled with cute boys and outfits but today it would be full of outfits, background and editorial ideas.

Pinterest makes my photoshoots easy thanks to the organization. I am able to plan every aspect of my session into my little boards. If you head over to my Pinterest now, you’ll find several plans for future sessions.

When I look for pins, I look for lots of color. I also look for the mood that I am wanting. This helps me figure out what kind of model I need, what kind of outfits I’d like, and of course, backdrop ideas. I take this board on the go with me to the session so that I stay on track. I can sometimes go a little overboard and mess up the original “story” that I am trying to tell.

For the session below, I ran across a session or two on Pinterest that had sessions held at local fairs and I immediately fell in love. I love all things color so the Metrolina Fair was a great fit for my session.


Instagram is a new comer for me. I never looked at IG as an inspiration platform but over the recent months, I’ve noticed photographers and photography agencies started to post more quality images.

I use Instagram mainly for what’s absolutely in right now. Most photographers tend to be into the trends. They also show me what is in when it comes to lighting and posing.

There are some insanely creative folks out there so I study their IG profiles. I can sometimes find local faces that are perfect for my editorials as well.


My favorite magazines are InStyle and Glamour. I mentioned above that I used to pin things to a physical wall. Both InStyle and Glamour were my go-tos since I was 16. Funny story, I was going through some of my old things and found a whole set of torn out magazine pages from magazines that were 15 years old! Talk about feeling old….

After looking at my work, it is no secret that I love the colorful editorials. So I find inspiration from the outfits, the lighting, the makeup-anything goes. Magazines also teach me how to properly set up a editorial. I stated before that I can get carried away. Nothing sucks more than sifting through my images only to find that I have an incomplete story. This has happened to me on more than one occasion.

So there you have it. These are the ways that I find inspiration. I am curious, how do you find inspiration?

Happy Monday folks!

Sisters have their portrait session at a local fair Portrait session at the fair started with arcade games Creative portrait session with two sisters Senior portraits at a state fair 2 sisters on carousel Many faces of a model Sisters play hide and go seek at the fair Girls make many faces when they are photographed Portrait session with sodas and ferris wheels in Charlotte NC Teen girl sipping on soda Lifestyle inspired portrait with sisters from Hickory NC

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