I get a lot of questions regarding modeling here in Charlotte, NC. I am not expert at this subject but I do know that the modeling world here is rather small. However, this should not detour you from getting out there. Hopefully you will find these tips useful.

Even though Charlotte is small in terms of modeling, there is always a need for a model. Photographers are always looking for faces to test on, fashion shows need girls to walk, and designers need people to promote.

There are Facebook groups that are set for models to communicate with other modeling professionals. I do not trust or use Model Mayhem. Some girls find work through MM but beware. There are safety concerns as well as unprofessional issues. Not everyone on MM are bad, just do your research. Safety is number one when modeling.

The Carolinas have several fashion shows such as LACE (18 and over), Charlotte Seen, CFG Style week (read about these shows here and here), and of course the big leagues Charleston fashion week.

Get a great portfolio together. A great place for inspiration is Wilhemenia.com. Agencies post the type of photos that you need in your portfolio. You may want something edgy but agency X may not market in that style. This doesn’t mean that you can’t shoot in the edgy style, it just means that you need to have a rounded out portfolio. Work with well-known and talented photographers in the area. I say well known loosely as some of the most talented photographers are hidden. Ask around. The agency may point you in the direction of photographers that they want you to use. And don’t be afraid to spend money on a good portrait session. Treat modeling as your job. It is important to get a few amazing shots in your portfolio from a photographer that has experience in agency models. Is this step 100% necessary? Not really but it may help you land a great agent.

Last, set up meetings with local agencies. The agencies around here are Carolina Talent, Tout Talent and Evolution. In Greensboro there is Marilyn’s and Directions. I may be missing some but these are the ones that I have worked with. Make sure you read up on their requirements. Modeling standards are a height of 5’8 or taller, 34-28-34 or a size 0-2. Now these are just standards. Please research your agencies beforehand. Take your portfolio and hear them out. Not all agencies will love your look but keep trying. You never know what might spark them.

I hope that these tips help any aspiring models in the Charlotte region. If you have any questions, feel free to message me and if you need a modeling session, let’s do it! I love working with models that are both experienced and fresh.

The model below is signed with Tout Talent. We did a lovely lifestyle session.

Lifestyle modeling session with Tout Model Modeling portrait for Tout Talent Teen modeling session with Poetic Edge

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