Welcome to part one of three in my series I like to call my Journey to Getting Published.

As an aspiring commercial and fashion photographer, I have read that it is important to get your photos published in reputable magazines. Being published is a rewarding moment for any photographer. I was published once upon a time but the magazine went under before I got to see the print. Now I am trying again. 🙂

Magazines range from beauty to high fashion and to accessories and boho vibes.  Some magazines only do once a month, others are online only and some only have quarterly issues. When choosing a magazine, I had to do a lot of research on the type of session I did. I don’t normally shoot high fashion so several magazines were off the list for me. Oddly enough, I did find some publications that fit my submission perfectly.

must have 6-8 different looks. It is always best to have a stylist. I did not so I hope that doesn’t hurt me.

When submitting images, be cautious of the submission rules. Most magazines will want exclusivity meaning that you won’t get published if the editorial was previously published anywhere else. So no Facebook previews, no tweets and not blogs. Sometimes they don’t like behind the scenes images but I am trying it out. These behind the scenes were cut from the editorial and are not being considered in the submission.

There are several blogs out there that have more on this topic such as this article. Beauty photographer Lindsey Adler as has an article on this as well that is excellent. I suggest you sign up for the email download as it was tremendously helpful to me.

I am off to send these photographs to these magazines. Stay tuned for part two as I dive into the submission part of this series.

Beautiful model is Kristin with Tout Talent in Charlotte NC. Assistant was Danielle. I did the styling.


Poetic Edge goes behind the scenes Poetic Edge fixes backdrop for editoral South Carolina Peach trees and modeling

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