The months of November and December are my time for learning and personal projects. This session is one of those sessions. I am so thankful for Camie and her patience. I am embarking on the whole lighting thing and I asked Camie if she should sit in for me. She was ready to go but I sadly was not. I had the lighting set up and realized that I was missing triggers. I frantically searched my bag for them with no sign of them. After wasting about 25 minutes, I decided to open the curtains and do what I normally do. Camie’s session is better than I originally planned. I am sad that I didn’t get to play with strobes but I do love her session.

Fast forward to the evening…guess where I found my triggers? In the same annoying pink bag that I was rummaging through earlier. They were in an obscure pocket and were with me the entire time. I was so frustrated. It is time to organize my life!

That will have wait until I return from Thanksgiving. We are heading to Mississippi to see grandparents. I hope all of you are spending time with loved ones, whether it be friends or family. Eat lots of turkey. I full expect you all to gain 10 lbs. 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving folks!

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