I had the privilege of photographing a very handsome young man this past Saturday. Meet Austin. He is a model with Tout Modeling Agency here in Charlotte as well as a personal trainer. This was my first official session with a man as my subject. I was incredibly nervous! I have shot girls for quiet sometime and simply drew a blank once he walked in. But oddly I was ok with that. This session made me think on my toes. I moved around much more in this session and was able to capture some pretty bad ass images. I am super proud of these. That black and white contemporary portrait in the third row is simply my favorite. I want to print that image in the largest size it will go and show the world. That lighting was to DIE for!

I always try to write a little tip for my clients and this blog is no exception. This tip is for the guys. When planning your session, please make sure that you bring the right blazer. My more muscular guys have a harder time with proper fitting jackets. I actually purchased a jacket for this session as I wanted to do a Tom Ford inspired image but I quickly found out that the jacket did not fit. I don’t even think Austin’s pinky could fit into it. Yes, I purchased the right size but the dude is ripped! See the images below. I ended up having to scrap that part of the session because the jacket did not work. In my opinion, every man should bring one clean white t-shirt and one really amazing blazer. I usually can do the rest. 🙂 Oh and dress shoes help too. 🙂

So guys, go shopping for the right blazer and bring it on the day of your session!

North Carolina model Austin Male model with a blue hoody and no shirt Contemporary photograph with a shirtless male model Charlotte NC male model



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