Today’s post is a reminiscent one. I am cleaning up my photo collections and came across my NYC trip from 2011. I had edited these photos back then but I had a computer crash on me and I lost all of my work. Thankfully I still had these photos on my SD card. Now I am going back through them and re-editing them. My photography has come such a long way.

This trip was seriously one of the best that I have taken. I have always dreamed of going to NYC, so my husband took me for my birthday/baby moon/anniversary. My favorite memory from the whole trip happened on a Sunday morning. After sleeping in, Paul and I casually walked around NYC with no plans at all. We ducked into this little place called Bar Brenton for the most fabulous brunch. I felt like I had eaten a meal from the gods. Sitting at this little bistro and listening to the quiet bustle of the city on a warm July day made me want to move to New York City right then and there. I didn’t move up there but I did carry on the rest of my day with a carefree attitude and a wish that maybe one day I’ll return to the fabulous NYC.

After our belly’s were full, we explored Chinatown and went into the Museum of Sex. We even had a celebrity encounter. Hayden Panettieri was there with her friends. I didn’t want to disturb her day because she looked so content but that didn’t stop me from going into stealth paparazzi mode, see images below.

The rest of the trip went way too fast. I want to go back with my hubby and see all the sights that we didn’t see.



Picture of the Brooklyn Bridge NYC-2011-Collage-1 Stoplight at Columbus Cir NYC Blue-bike-on-NYC-street Museum-of-Sex-2011-NYC Street in ChinaTown NYC Street-in-Chinatown-2011 ChinaTown-NYC-Market My-fav-photos-from-NYC-2011 Bike-taxi-2011 NYC-from-Empire-State-Building Clock-in-NYC Flat-Iron-Building-2011 On-top-of-the-Empire-State-building

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