Want get into modeling? You made a Model Mayhem profile or joined a Modeling Facebook page. Now you want to get out there and shoot. You find a photographer that is willing to work with you and you book a date. After all the excitement fades you freak out a bit. What do I do for poses? What should I wear? Will I be any good?

As a photographer, I photograph lots of new faces from models to high school seniors.  Believe me, I am just as nervous at times! I have a few tips for you that I have learned over the last few months while working with new models.

Tip 1: Bring a variety of clothing choices. You don’t necessarily need to go out and purchase any new outfits but I like to see options. Keep in mind that modeling agencies really like stripped down images for your portfolio but there is still room for some fashion forward fun. Some must haves for your test are your favorite pair of jeans, a plain t-shirt or tank in either white or a flattering color, a cover up piece such as a fashionable blazer, leather jacket or cardigan, and a pair of heels. Other photographers may have a bigger list than I do but these, for me, are a must. Anything extra are for fun and to show your personality. The model below brought a variety of the must haves but then she had some awesome accessories. That orange necklace was so popular with most of my high school seniors.

Tip 2: Come with a neutral face and hair. Most photographers may not have a makeup artist on hand so you need to come photo ready. I know Instagram sometimes has great faces of makeup but they are sometimes too heavy for your model portfolio. Do little to no contouring, nude lip, and a taupe eye. Keep hair clean and natural. Don’t forget about your nails. Never come to a model test with neon nails. Nude are best but sometimes muted colors can work. My apologies but nails can ruin a photo.

Tip 3: Posing. Practice!! It is my job to assist you in posing but you can help me tremendously by doing your homework. Generally I create mood boards for each session that contain the feel and poses for the session. Keep the posing simple. We all either want to be Coco Rocha or to photograph her but trust me, less is more. Start with 3 poses and do variations of one pose. When you are in the session, use your 3 poses and keep moving! Make the photographer chase you.

Tip 4: Relax and have fun. Nerves show up on film every time so relax. I like to make my models do something silly to break the ice. Jessica was so nervous so I made her walk through a field. As a fashion lifestyle photographer, I really like movement but it also relaxes the model. Movement gets you out of your head.

Remember that these are my tips and not industry specific. Men, I haven’t forgotten you and I will write a post for you.

Do you have any tips that I have missed? Share them below!

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