Lilacs, fresh green grass, warmer temperatures, and cherry blossoms…what do all of these have in common? They are all signs that spring has arrived! I know you are looking at the date and saying but wait…its been spring. Well for the south it is but for the north, they are just now seeing the beautiful signs of the warm season.

I moved to North Carolina 8 years ago and am still in love with it’s springs. I remember being little and wishing that my little dusty town in Texas had trees and flowers. I am from a town in the Texas Panhandle called Pampa. The panhandle is very dry and the only trees you’ll see are those that were planted in the towns or outside farm houses in the country. Panhandle trees are small and do not compare to the trees in North Carolina. The only flowers I remember seeing in Pampa were the occasional tulip, rose bushes and lilacs. I grew up with a fence of lilacs and to this day, that is my favorite smell in the world. I can only find the lilac candle in the spring time at the Yankee Candle Co. I dream of having my own little lilac bush here in NC. Maybe one day.

This season was inspired by 2 cherry blossoms and a wall mural in the SouthEnd district of Charlotte. Teya, a high school senior at Northwest School of the Arts wanted her senior pictures to have a high fashion feel to them with something colorful. Together we came up with this gorgeous session. Her pink dress fits perfectly with the pink cherry blossoms.

Congrats to Teya on her accomplishments and good luck to her in her future.

So, what are your favorite things?

High school senior walking by cherry blossoms Senior girl wearing pink dress Senior session in the cherry blossoms of charlotte Cherry blossoms in Charlotte Senior blows into cherry blossoms towards camera Young woman wears a pink dress


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