This post is super late, not because I was busy but because I have been super lazy. 🙁 Not a great trait to be fostering right now.

Back in September, I followed a group of young men for an entire day only to see them get tortured and “beaten.” My gym has a program called SOF WODs that is geared towards candidates who either want to go into special operations or they just want to conquer a huge fitness mountain. One part of the program immerses individuals into 18 hours of Special Operations style missions and Field Training Exercises. These workouts are usually reserved for the highest military individuals. I do not want to miss lead anyone by giving out wrong information so please visit their website: SOF WODs

This particular day started out with the young men being clueless to what they were about to do. We drove them to Crowders Mountain and told them to start hiking up to a specific spot. They had to meet us there at a certain time. This was not just an average hike though. These men had to carry their ruck sacks and the extra gear that we needed for their training.

Once up top, they had a short “punishment session” (I call it this because it looked like pure torture. It involved a large number of squats and push ups that they had to do in front of the general public and immediately after their hike. Ouch) and then a short briefing and lesson on how to repel.

If I was a little more prepared for it, I would have totally done it. Jeremy, I will so take you up on that offer next time. But I want photos!

Later that evening, these guys-with little rest, mind you-had to head out to the Charlotte Aquatic Center for water drills. I am still not 100% sure what they were doing but my phobias were coming out for them! One exercise had them holding their breath as they pass a snorkel back and forth to each other. Not only did they have to blow out the water and quickly take a breath, they also had to deal with “external interferences” as they struggled. No way in hell.

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