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Life has been pretty busy for me these past few weeks. I have more photos to edit than I ever had before! It’s a good problem, trust me but the mountain of unedited photos is growing. I have gotten to photograph some of the coolest people over the last few weeks. I am also having serious ADD over which photos I want to edit first. I am trying to go in order but I get so tempted to look over other sessions. This is such a bad habit for me. And now I have so many blogs to write…where do I start?

Attention Charlotte Seniors! I am for senior reps for the 2017 school year!

What is a senior rep? First, you must be a junior that is heading into your senior year. After your session, you will go into the new school year and shout from the roof tops how awesome Poetic Edge is. 🙂

Most of my clients are interested in having the most creative photos for their senior portraits. I have several unique locations and ideas to make your session as awesome as you are. You want to show case your cheer leading career? What about football or even photography? I will make sure that we capture who you are so you can have the best senior announcements to send out to family and friends. 

There are several incentives for my seniors reps including cash back for booked referrals. That’s right, I said CASH BACK!

How can you become a senior rep? I will be choosing 10 juniors from the schools in the area. This includes guy and girl. The summer is coming and space is limited. Email me at and get more details!

Competition cheerleader for the Charlotte region senior portrait against wall Teen girl sipping on soda Senior sessions in Dilworth area of Charlotte NC High school girl from Ardrey Kell High

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