With spring comes weddings, prom, senior pictures, and many nights out on the town. Most of us have our outfits planned out but what about hair and makeup? If you are like me, there are times that a YouTube video just isn’t going to work.

I have worked with some amazing makeup artist over the last year and a half. These are a few of my favorite makeup and hair artists that I highly suggest.

Sissy Duncan

My absolute favorite makeup artist is Sissy Duncan. I have used her for about a year and a half now. I always call her first to see if she is available before I call anyone else. Sissy’s style is more natural, making her perfect for my senior clients as well as weddings. She has experience with editorials and fashion shows as well.

Sissy did my makeup for an event.  I wanted something a little retro with a bright red lip. Sitting in the artist chair is so different but I loved Sissy’s makeup application. She was able to cover my red patchy skin and still give me a dewy glow. We had to do the makeup super early and I was impressed with how fresh I looked 6 hours later. I only had to do a minor lip refresh. The best part for me was that she finished with me in like 45 min-both hair and makeup.

Sissy uses her time very wisely and is amazing on location. This is why I hire her often.  To find more information on her visit her website Simply Beautiful Artistry.

Pretty senior portrait in flowers Monroe Senior girl

Janny Molina

Janny is a photographers dream. Her ability to make skin look airbrushed is phenomenal. Her contouring and expert blending techniques make my job as a photographer 100 times easier. Anytime I used Janny for a photo shoot, she effectively cuts out 20+ minutes off of my editing time. Photographers, if you are looking for someone who will make your life easier, reach out to Janny. I also want to note that she is a brow god. If you want amazing brows, this is your girl.

I let Janny do my makeup once and was pleasantly surprised with the results. My patchy red skin was no match for Janny. She covered it all without making me look cakey. My skin was dewy, fully covered and light. I even tried a new color and style of makeup. And she was incredibly patient. I was a punk and couldn’t handle the eyeliner. I kept crying. It was ridiculous. But I looked fantastic for my own photo shoot.

Janny is in the Concord NC area. Visit Pride Beauty Studio to see more of her work or to contact her.

Bride wearing vintage black bandeau veil Model Summer wears a black necklace and gold glitter MirandaL-1-Edit

Layne Barter

I have worked with Layne twice. On both shoots, she was professional and quick. All my clients loved having their makeup and hair done by Layne. She was also the only makeup artist that was available when I was in need of someone. She saved my butt! Visit Layne’s website for more information.

pageant headshot

Notable Mentions

Some notable artist that I want to work with:  Teri Lyn Hiroshige-put image of Kristin here, Layne Barter Makeup, Lindsey Regan Thorne, and Deme Fourtounis. I am hoping to get each one of them on my list! The image below is some of Teri-Lyn’s work. I didn’t hire her but I appreciated the cleanliness of the makeup.

Her Eyes
My dream artist is Linda Hallburg. She’s in Europe though. Super creative and amazingly beautiful.

If you are a hair and makeup artist in the Charlotte area, I am always open to collaborating. I do tend to prefer on location artist with both hair and makeup experience but I am open to any artists.

If you are a client and need advice on more artist, feel free to reach out to me. I may know of someone that I do not have listed here. If I work with any new artists, I’ll make sure to update this. Stay tuned!

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