It’s that time of year again! Senior sessions are in full swing and I am here to give you the low-down on fun locations for your next session!

Most of us love the fall foliage, the warm sweaters, and boots, but what about those folks that prefer something a little different? This blog post is for the senior that wants something a little special in their portraits.

In front of a colorful storefront

Almost every town has a cute and colorful spot. This could be a graffiti wall, a colorful house, or a candy shop like the one below. Keep your outfit subdued and let your personality speak volumes. Add a prop or keep it simple with a bright smile. These locations work for headshots too.

Colorful model test photos

High school girl in Charlotte NC wears a pink dress for her senior portraits Girl on skateboard

A Field of Flowers or Grass

Here in the south, we have so many random fields of tall grass, cotton, and of course, flowers. A few years ago I discovered a wonderful sunflower field in South Carolina and it was instant love. No matter what time of day, this field is absolutely beautiful.

Don’t be limited to just flowers! You can go to an apple orchard, strawberry fields or even a pumpkin patch for something a little more fall like. The sky’s the limit!

Senior portraits with Poetic Edge outside of Brattonsville SC

Your Local Fair

Venture out to a local fair or amusement park for  your session. These sessions are a bit harder to do thanks to the crowds and the hassle of getting in, but the images are incredibly unique. There are so many colorful spots in amusement parks. You could play a game, add your best friend or eat funnel cake. What’s not to love?

Portrait session with sodas and ferris wheels in Charlotte NC

Little specialty shops

Ice cream, cupcake, and soda shops are perfect for something a little less traditional and yet a whole lot of fun! Typically there is not a fee for using these places but it is common courtesy to purchase something from the vendor. Order their special or even a sundae and use it in your session. It’s a creative spot for your photos and it helps the business owner out.

Local Charlotte folks should check out the Midnight Diner, Park Road Shoppe and the RedEye Diner. These are cute locations that are more on the vintage side but offer a cute backdrop for not only seniors but models and couples portraits as well.

Fun portrait session in SAS Cupcakes of Rivergate in Charlotte NC

Botanical gardens

Want some nature photos but it’s cold outside? Head into a local greenhouse. Greenhouses have some of the best lighting. The image below was photographed in UNCC’s Botanical Garden. It has several rooms with soft white light and beautiful plants. I fell in love with the orchid room.

Keep in mind that these houses tend to be a little humid so bring a brush along and a frizz fighter!

Beauty portrait in UNCC Garden

 Other places include

-your school: This is sometimes overlooked but if you are an athlete or a cheerleader, plan for part of your session at your school. Sometimes you spend so much time at this place. Why not memorialize it?

-mountains: If you are in the Charlotte area, the mountains are only a short drive. I have so many cute ideas for photos in the mountains and hope to one day use those ideas.

-Library: This is a fun one for book enthusiasts! I wish I had a photo to put here. I want to do this one time in my photography career.

The options are endless. There are many that I haven’t listed here. Do you have a spot that you think would be totally fun? Comment below or email me! I am always on the hunt for new locations!


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