You’ve waited your whole life to get to this point. You are a high school senior. Graduation is just around the corner and you still don’t have your senior pictures. You struggle with getting them done by a professional because your dad’s friend has offered to do them for free. After all, senior pictures are quite expensive…What should you do?

In today’s post, I will be discussing how to save money with your senior pictures. You can still get quality images and save yourself some money with a few of these simple tips.

A la carte options are your friends

After doing some research of the market, I found that several photography studios only offered what I consider canned package offers. Most packages had items in them that no one buys anymore. Through trial and error, I decided to offer my services a la carte. A la carte pricing allows my client to choose exactly what they want in their photo session. Now they are not stuck with items that they won’t use or that they don’t need.

Not all photographers have adopted this pricing style but it never hurts to ask your photographer if they do.

Accessories and Layers

Layering is a girl’s best friend. You can create 3 different looks from a unique outer layer, a simple base layer and accessories. Make sure you have 3 different looking “backdrops” and voila-a whole photoshoot with 3 unique looks! I do this all the time with my sessions. When you are on location, it is really hard to change outfits and it takes more time. Simplify your photoshoots and plan accordingly. There is truly no need to have 4 outfits. Plan for 2 but make them layered so you can get several combinations.

Do your own hair and makeup

Hair and makeup add a certain je ne sais quoi to a clients images. A confident client radiates when the camera is on them. This is why I offer this as a service to all my clients. Unfortunately this is an added cost to you.

But I’ve seen some of your IG’s and man, some of you are pros! Can you teach me?! Doing your own makeup is a perfect place for you to save money. I just did a senior session with a girl who did her own makeup and she did awesome! So head over to that Youtube channel and get to practicing!

See if there is a payment plan

Back when I was a teen, I really wanted a car but my parents did not have any money. The only way I was going to get a car was to work it off. We all know how buying a car works. You put a down payment on it, get the keys, and walk away with your car and paperwork that states you promise to make payments on this car.

Guess what? You can do the same for your pictures! I proudly offer a payment plan for my seniors because I remember being a senior and how expensive it is. You want those memories.

Not all photographers will offer this as a payment option but it never hurts to ask.

See, you can still get an amazing set of pictures without breaking the bank. Not all of us can afford the $1000 package and that’s ok. I am all about living a life of simplicity while still enjoying some of the finer things in life.

Should  you have any questions about my photography or the products I offer, shoot me an email!

Cheers lovelies!

Noda Charlotte is a great spot for senior pictures Senior portraits with Poetic Edge Emma poses for cute senior photo in Charlotte Emma's senior headshot with Poetic Edge Emma sits in urban NoDa neighborhood in CLT

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