I have photographed for over 8 years. My first camera was a Canon Powershot and I took that thing everywhere. Eventually I save enough money to purchase a Rebel XTi and my passion for photography grew. Now I have a Canon 7d with the hopes of one day owning a full frame camera with tack sharp focus. But for now, my 7D has taught me a lot. Lately I have leaned on that camera, a 50 mm lens (1.4), and natural light. The first photo in this session was made with that basic set up.

In this test session, I decided to try out some studio lighting. I purchased a 60″ Octobox from Amazon and used an Alienbee strobe. Don’t ask me which one. It was in the studio that I rent. I don’t know the powers or numbers, I just know that in this session I got it right. 🙂 I used V-flats for fill and bounce. I also used my new favorite backdrop from Savage.

Anyone who knows me knows how much I hate studio lighting. Every time I tried it, I failed miserably. I always have huge fall offs, terrible shadows, and weird color casts. I would look at a strobe as if it were a beast that is about to ruin me. I attended a few Meetup groups to learn but that failed miserably. Meetups didn’t work for me because I was not knowledgeable enough in lighting to understand what they were even talking about. Sync Speeds? Broad light?! HUH???!!! Fast forward to a year later and a few CreativeLive classes and I am back to tackling this thing called lighting.

I was honestly surprised that this session turned out as pretty as it did. That Octobox is amazing for the soft light that you see in the fashion word. The photography I swoon over is the fashion photography that has soft light, punchy colors, and crisp focus. It is contemporary and feminine and something that sells really well. Who doesn’t want a photo of themselves that looks like it came out of a magazine?

All images were shot with the 50mm. I have a 24-105mm but I hate it. I want an 85mm 1.2 and a 70-200 1.4. Maybe one day soon. 🙂

I am not a teacher but if you have questions about any of the other gear I use, drop me a line. I don’t mind sharing what I know. After all, that is how I learned. I own my photography passion to photographers such as Lara Jade, Sue Bryce, Lindsey Alder and locally Zach Alston. Without these folks and their nuggets of wisdom, I’d still suck. Check them and CreativeLive out.

Model has a test headshot with PoeticEdge Boudoir style model test shoot Charlotte Modeling Test shoot Model wears white fur jacket in test


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