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I am finally able to blog about one of the cutest sessions I did over the summer!  Meet Mckenzie. I met McKenzie on an extremely hot July day in a cute soda shop in Charlotte. Her goal: to have the happiest session ever. Goal accomplished!

We ran around with a watermelon, sunflowers, and skateboards. I also discovered one a new favorite portrait location. The Gelato place in the middle of the shopping center is gorgeously white and has the coolest little spots to shoot in. The owner is super friendly and has amazing gelato. I tried the lemon ricotta. I highly recommend!

Now on to what this blog is actually about. 🙂 Photographing in harsh noon lighting.

For anyone who has dabbled in photography, you know that shooting in noon lighting is harsh and creates unflattering shadows. It also creates a deep contrast that can sometimes ruin an image.

One of my favorite photographers, Lindsay Adler, did a video called “Shoot Beautiful Photos in the Harsh Noon Sun.” In it, Adler discusses how to harness that light. She shows you how to soften the light, how to place your client and my favorite-natural reflectors.

To elaborate more on natural reflectors, they are basically spots of light created by sidewalks, buildings, and sometimes windows. I have started noticing the natural spots in my city of Charlotte that create the most amazing light. I head out to what we call Uptown when I have a session at noon. There are many buildings that light wraps around. The video can explain it so much better than I can. If you are an aspiring photographer, this video was a MUST.

This reflected light creates the most amazing contrast and catch lights. Skin is always luminous and the images just seem sharper.

If you want more videos on how to harness the harsh light, read this article from Jasmine Star. It’s pretty informative.

I am no lighting expert but I am using 2017 as a learning year on all things lighting. You should see some dark images, some fun images, and even more beautiful images. I am happiest when I am creating.



Fashion portrait in Charlotte NC Fashion model testing shoot with McKenzie Charlotte_Senior_Portrait untitled-264-edit Directions model poses with a lovely pineapple Mckenzie wears an off the shoulder top for her model test untitled-117-edit
Model test shoot against a colorful wall Model McKenzie S gets her model portrait taken in Charlotte NC model poses on skateboard for fun model test Cute senior pictures with Poetic Edge untitled-374-edit

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